New Functions

2017-12-28 21:25:28

Individual School Description:

1.Red Potions can't be used in this dungeon.

2.There are six Individual Schools: Lv.100, Lv.110, Lv.120, Lv.130 and Lv.150. Clear a stage to unlock the next level. Rewards are sent based on your star rating (3-star criteria: Clear a stage within 100 seconds with 40% or above HP left)

3.There are a total of 6 challenges daily. The first 3 challenges are free of charge. The rest 3 challenges will require tickets. Failure or quitting will consume 1 challenge attempt{end}.


Pet Transformation:

1.Activate Pet Images

1)Activation Materials: Image Cards are divided into 5 levels: 1-star to 5-star

2)To activate a pet image, players must use corresponding cards and activation materials with the corresponding level: A certain amount of Monster Cards + Image Cards to unlock the corresponding pet image.

3)Activate a pet image to add a small attribute bonus permanently: Each pet image can be configured with different attributes. When the image is activated, the attribute bonus will be effective permanently


2.Raise Pet Image

1)Pet images can be upgraded to Lv.100.

2)Raising pet images requires card enhancement materials. Images at different levels require different card enhancement materials

3)Pet images rank up every 20 levels. When an image reaches its max level in a certain stage, players can use the corresponding monster card and Evolution Cards to further upgrade the image

4)Raising a pet image may activate extra permanent attributes


3.Pet Transformation

1)Transformation materials (Transform Leaf) do not have star levels

2)After activating a pet image, tap Use Image to transform your pet into the corresponding pet image.

3)After transformation, the pet will receive extra transformation attribute bonuses

4)Transformation materials are consumables. Each transformation lasts a limited period of time. There is a CD time for transformation. When the CD is not over, other pets cannot transform.

5)Unlock Level: Level 100.

6)Support Normal Transformation (Consumes nothing).