Cross-Server WoE Now Available

2017-12-14 21:24:42

Dear Players,

The long-awaited Cross-Server WoE is available now! At
19:00, December 15, 2017, it will be unlocked in servers 1-4. Other servers will be open soon! Please stay tuned!
The two guilds that win the WoE in each server from servers 1-4 are qualified for the Cross-Server WoE. If the same guild beats the WoE, then only one guild will join the Cross-Server WoE.

1.Four guilds are divided into four camps and PK begins after the barrier is lifted in 10 minutes.
2.The guild that destroys the Emperium on the 2nd floor will win.

Activity prohibited:
1.Skill level up.
2.Item purchase, destruction and receipt.
3.Addition of character attribute points.
4.Market transaction, mailing, receipt of attachments.
5.Creation and dissolution of party.


Ragnarok Journey Operation team
December 14th, 2017