Update Notice

2017-11-21 01:03:25

Dear players,

We will be performing server maintenance at
01:00 on Nov.21st 2017 (PDT). The server will be inaccessible for approximately 1 hour. Please leave the game before the server is shut down to avoid any potential loss of data.

1. Optimized the text for the server-opening event Monster Siege
2. Optimized the display of the button to challenge the next dungeon floor.
3. Optimized the sale interface in the shop.
4. Optimized the server-opening top-up interface.
5. Optimized the investment plan text.
6. Optimized the World Boss panel description.
7. Optimized the Benefit - Activity Reward interface.
8. Optimized the Siege interface.
9. Optimized the title text.

Bug Fix
1. Fixed the teleportation location error after clicking Transfer in the Card System interface.
2. Fixed the random appearance of names with spaces in the character creation page.
3. Fixed the incorrect notice information display at the back end.
4. Fixed the failure to turn pages in the guild application page.

New Content
New Maps: Level-130 Beacon Island, Pharos and Level-131 Igdrasil Cave.
New Monsters: Wootan Shooter, Wooden Golem, Wootan Fighter, Stone Shooter, Driller and Dryad (World Boss).
New Cards: Wootan Shooter Card, Wooden Golem Card, Wootan Fighter Card, Stone Shooter Card, Driller Card and Dryad Card
Added Level-7 Equipment and Equipment Blueprints for all classes.


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Ragnarok Journey Operation team
Nov.20th, 2017