Adventure Starts

2017-09-26 20:54:35

On this land of fantasy, there are verdant forests and dangerous deserts, industrial metropolises and magic cities, and even a Gingerbread City and City Island. However, this land is under the threat of being invaded by demons.

Welcome on board! From now on, you must take up your weapons, hone your skills and protect your homeland as various identities in RO!

Join this forum event to receive rewards worth 5$ value.

Duration: 2017-09-27 to 2017-10-08

Server: All servers

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Your Plan for this Adventure:


50 participants will be selected to obtain :

Physical Attack Scroll*1

Magic Attack Scroll*1

1.5-Battle Manual(1hour)*1

Advanced Red Gemstone*2

Yggdrasil Leaf*2


1. Plagiarism and vulgar language are not allowed.

2. Only replies within the event duration are valid.

3. One account can only use the code once.


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