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2017-09-22 03:47:54

Server1- Osiris
Launch Time: 19:00, Sept.25, 2017 (PDT)

There were three races in the time of war: gods, humans and demons. The breakout of large-scale battles poses a great threat to the three races, leaving them no choice but to fight.

This is an ancient and illusory mythology. A long time ago, humans lived in this place. However, living here made them forget the painful past and the cruelty of war. They gradually became arrogant and selfish, exposing all of their shortcomings in the past.

During this period, ominous omens appeared, breaking the balance of the world. Wars were inevitable and peaceful life was destroyed again.

After the world was broken, the ancestor of the giant Ymir will be relied upon to fix the world. Players will take on this role and embark on a long-term adventure.

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Ragnarok Journey Operation team

Sept 22, 2017