Server Merge Notice

2018-10-15 03:31:10

In response to player's requirement and to let players enjoy a better gaming experience, promoting communications among players and preparing for other fabulous systems in later stage of the game, we decide to carry out a Server Merge.

We will transfer your character data for the merge. When we finish transferring your data, we will start Server Merge events. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation

Note: Server Merge will not cause any loss in your inventory and mail or any other valuable data for characters.

Merge servers: S27-S31; S33-S36; S38-S39
Merge time: October 16, 19:00-23:59

We will need to turn off the servers for this event. Please be aware of the merge time to prevent any loss. Maintenance will last for about 5 hours.

1.After server merge, players' data, status, items and Zeny will all be transferred to the new server.
2.All guild statuses (including members, joining requests, etc.) will be transferred to the new server.
3.Players' data such as the friend and block lists will all be transferred to the new server.
4.Players' mail will all be transferred to the new server.
5.After server merge, the number of the original server will be added to players' names and faction names as a prefix, for example, there is a faction “RO” in the server 1. After server merge, this faction will be presented as "[1]RO" in the new server.
6.This prefix will also be added before friend names, blocked players, faction members and other player names.
7.If you have multiple characters in the new server after the merge, you will enter a character selection interface and select a character before entering the game.
8.If you have ingots in both servers, the ingots will be kept in the new server after the merge.
9.After the merge, characters that satisfy all of the following four conditions will be deleted:
a.Character level is lower than Lv.55.
b.No recharge records.
c.Haven't joined a guild.
d.Haven't logged into the game for 10 day straight.
e.Haven't transcended.


Ragnarok Journey Operation Team
October 15, 2018