Draw your favorite Easter Egg for a chance to receive a mystical prize!

Duration: 1) Picture-Uploading Time: March 29 - April 4, 2018, PDT

2) Vote Time: April 5-8, 2018, PDT

1. During the event, draw and upload your innovative Easter Egg to the event page (pictures from the Internet are invalid). Top 6 players will receive a mystical prize.
2. There will be a vote page after your picture is approved.
3. During the event, every account can only upload one picture and vote once daily.
4. Rewards will be sent to players in the form of activation codes 3 days after vote ends.

During the event, top up to receive rich rewards. Don't miss out on it!
Duration: March 29 - April 4, PDT
Amount Rewards
400 diamonds Level-1 Wings
2000 diamonds Level-2 Wings, 1000 Charm *10, 3-Star Monster Image Card
4000 diamonds Level-3 Wings, 1000 Charm *20, 2-Battle Manual (1 hour)*5
8000 diamonds Level-2 Wings, Level-3 Wings, 1000 Charm *40, Elunium +10
10000 diamonds Level-4 Wings, 1000 Charm *50, Elunium +10
12000 diamonds Level-4 Wings, 1000 Charm *60, Oridecon + 11
1. During the event, top up the required amount to claim the corresponding reward.
2. Rewards will be sent in the form of CD Key, which is limited to the use of your current account. It will be at your own risk if any problem is caused due to the sharing of the CD Key.
3. CD Keys will be sent five days after the event.